(in ./Carbon/Testing/TestResult.lua)

An object to signal success and failure conditions to the test engine.


unknown public TestResult:New(Test test)

Returns TestResult

  • required test: The test that will use this TestResult.

Creates a new TestResult object for unit tests to fill.

unknown public TestResult:Assert(bool condition, string message)

Returns bool

  • required condition: Condition to check.
  • required message: Message to report on failure.

Checks the given condition and adds a pass if it is true, or fails with the given message.

unknown public TestResult:Fail(string message)

Returns self

  • required message: The error message to store.

Marks the test as a failure and increments the failure counter.

unknown public TestResult:Message(string message)

Returns self

  • required message: A message to record.

Records a message about the test without failing the test.

unknown public TestResult:Pass()

Returns self

Marks that a component of the TestResult has passed.

unknown public TestResult:Warn(string message)

Returns self

  • required message: A warning to issue.

Issues a warning without failing the test.