(in ./Carbon/Metadata.lua)

Provides an interface to the Graphene Metadata API in a more friendly way. Metadata is normally handled at the Graphene level because it allows modules to register themselves automatically.


class public Metadata:Get(any object, [any field])

Returns any?

  • required object: The object to look up metadata for.
  • optional field: A field, if specified, to query the object for.

Requests metadata about the given object.

If the field argument is given, that key is returned from the object if the object exists.

class public Metadata:Set(any object, [any metadata])

Returns void

  • required object: The object to set metadata for.
  • optional metadata: The metadata to set for the object, specify nil to remove the object's metadata.

Associates the given object with a piece of metadata.

class public Metadata:Disable()

Returns void

Disables metadata storage.

class public Metadata:Enable()

Returns void

Enables metadata storage.

class public Metadata:RegisterMethods(table object, table metadata)

Returns void

  • required object: An object that contains methods to register.
  • required metadata: The metadata object associated with this object.

Automatically registers all the methods of a given object with the registry.